The MEDICON 2010 Young Investigators Awards

The MEDICON 2010 awards committee will try to identify scientific projects, technologies and innovations from young investigators that potentially will have a path-breaking impact on the further development of biomedical engineering.

Awards will be presented and delivered to the winners at the Closing Ceremony of the Conference (May 30, 2010). The first three Awards will be accompanied by a prize.


IFMBE Young Investigator Competition for Biomedical Engineering


Young Investigators Competition Finalist papers

Attached below is the list of the “finalist” papers of the Young Investigators Competition. The committee has followed both the reviewers’ comments and their overall ranking for each of the 90 candidate papers for the Young Investigators Award and recommends these papers for the final phase of the competition.

3 Koen Van Canneyt, Francesca Giudici, Patrick Segers and Pascal Verdonck. Assessment of a patient-specific silicon model of the human arterial forearm 
14 Ville Jalkanen and Olof A. Lindahl. Hand-held resonance sensor instrument for soft tissue stiffness measurements – a first study on biological tissue in vitro 
48 Danilo B. Melges, Antonio Mauricio F. L. Miranda de Sá and Antonio Fernando Catelli Infantosi. Ordinary Coherence vs Multiple Coherence: a somatosensory evoked response detection investigation 
60 José Alba Martínez, Macarena Trujillo Guillén, Ramón Blasco Gimenez and Enrique Berjano Zanón. Computer Modeling to Study the Dynamic Response of the Temperature Control Loop in RF Cardiac Ablation 
65 Jakob Oblak, Imre Cikajlo, Thierry Keller, Joel Perry, Jan Veneman and Zlatko Matjačić. The Role of Viscous Damping on Quality of Haptic Interaction in Upper Limb Rehabilitation Robot: A Simulation Study 
66 Alan Jovic and Nikola Bogunovic. Random Forest-Based Classification of Heart Rate Variability Signals by Using Combinations of Linear and Nonlinear Features 
266 Daniel Strohmeier, Andreas Halbleib, Maciej Gratkowski and Jens Haueisen. The Epsilon-Skew-Normal dictionary for the decomposition of single- and multichannel biomedical recordings using Matching Pursuit algorithms
270 Patrique Fiedler, Stephan Brodkorb, Carlos Fonseca, Filipe Vaz, Frank Zanow and Jens Haueisen. Novel TiN-based dry EEG electrodes: Influence of electrode shape and number on contact impedance and signal quality
322 Evdokimos Konstantinidis, Christos Frantzidis, Christos Papadelis, Costas Pappas and Panagiotis Bamidis. WADEDA: A Wearable Affective Device with On-Chip Signal Processing Capabilities for measuring ElectroDermal Activity 
335 P Petrantonakis and Leontios Hadjileontiadis. Frontal EEG Asymmetry and Affective States: A Multidimensional Directed Information Approach 



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